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I've been a science writer for 30 years, first at a newspaper and now freelance. My work has been recognized with numerous awards, including a year as a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT.

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20130726 9372624358 article

Conservation Magazine: Seeing stars

Using the tools of astrophysics to help save whale sharks. (Spring 2006)

Brand name wilderness article

Conservation Magazine: Brand name wilderness

An European conservation group hopes that certifying wilderness areas in European parks will increase their protection. Fall issue, 2007.

Answer to our prayers article

Conservation Magazine: An Answer to Our Prayers

An interfaith investment group is conservation’s new patron. Winter issue, 2005

Last wishes article

Conservation Magazine: Last wishes

Green cemeteries fund conservation. Winter issue, 2007

1302112 living the good life conservation article

Living the Good Life - Conservation

In Britain, conservation now counts as a measure of quality of life. Fall 2004

1302114 skyscraper habitats conservation article

Skyscraper Habitats - Conservation

Dusty Gedge is an avid birdwatcher and former London street performer who has taken to the roofs of London—literally—to preach an unlikely gospel: he wants the city to convert up to 400,000 square meters of skyscraper and condominium rooftops into “living roofs,” where biodiversity can bloom and rare bugs and birds can find sanctuary. Summer 2006

Right brain left brain cosnervation article

Right Brain-Left Brain Conservation - Conservation

Scientists and creative writers converge on long-term research....

Smart gear competition article

Smart Gear Competition - Conservation

US $25,000 prize inspires ingenious solutions to bycatch....

Choral reefs article

Choral Reefs - Conservation

An inexpensive device monitors ocean health through sound...

Its in the vault article

It's in the Vault - Conservation

World's largest seed bank housed in Norway’s Permafrost...

Live rock article

Live Rock - Conservation

A new cash crop for the aquarium trade protects Fiji’s reefs....

Fruit bat article

Cheap Labor - Conservation

Fake fruits lure bats to replant denuded rainforests...

Look of success article

The Look of Success - Conservation

In the wake of successful reintroductions, managers who once defended wolves are now faced with killing them. Are we ready for modern predator management?...