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I've been a science writer for 30 years, first at a newspaper and now freelance. My work has been recognized with numerous awards, including a year as a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT.

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New Scientist

The sheep that launched 1000 ships - New Scientist

In 1990, two researchers probing the roof of a 12th-century stone church in northern Norway made a remarkable find: stuffed into a gap between the roof and the walls were the tattered remains of a 650-year old woolen sail. 24 July 2004

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New Scientist

Scandinavian science: Which country comes out on top?

Scandinavian science at its best ranges from robotic Christmas trees to drugs from sea sponges and a great line in embryonic stem cells. Nancy Bazilchuk investigates. 29 Nov. 2006

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New Scientist

German biotech opportunities are growing fast - New Scientist

FOR A scientist like Simon Moroney, hoping to swap academia for industry, moving to Germany in the early 1990s was a risky move. With strict laws hindering drug research and strong public opposition to genetic engineering, German biotechnology seemed dead before it even started. Fifteen years later and it’s not just the beer and bratwurst that entice British scientists to follow in Moroney’s footsteps, but an impressive hub of biotechnology. 14. Nov. 2007

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New Scientist

Biotech and pharma flourish in Scandinavia's winter sun - New Scientist

The adventures that only fledgling biopharma industries can offer - plus the very different attractions of the family-friendly Scandinavian culture - more than offset a few dark winter days and hefty taxes, says Nancy Bazilchuk. 2 May 2007